No More Single Orchids

I heard some very disturbing news last week. We had an order for an 80th birthday party.  The family requested a single large japhet or cattleya orchid to be pinned on or worn as a wrist corsage for their grandmother.  My wholesalers said they would try but they haven't seen them sold individually at the SF floral mart in a long time.  What!  What happened here?  I know I took a break for 6 years but the flower market could not have changed that much!  Well, guess what?  It has! 

My wholesalers came to me the following week empty handed.  I know that if they couldn't find it, no one could.  What happened to our industry?  What will these sweet grandmothers do?  They reminiscence about the good old days wearing these beautiful great big orchids on their lapels and now, they are non-existent.   They.....are......gone!   My wholesalers say no one sells them individually any more.  Some of those wonderful SF Japanese orchid growers retired, some sold their land to Silicon Valley high tech companies for millions and some sold their coastal greenhouses to pot growers!!  Jokingly, they told me they are lying on a beach in Hawaii drinking mai tais.  

I was speechless.  What is happening to MY industry!  My beloved inustry.  Sell outs to tech and pot growers.