Sweet Lilacs - flowers for weddings and events

Flowers represent beauty, love and life.  

My floral work is relaxed, airy, casual and romantic.  I love texture and sweet fragrance.  I love the combination of ranunculus, peonies, open garden roses, berries, mixed foliage and of course, lilacs.  I am very passionate in providing the best work in floral art design for every event. Strong attention to quality, detail, texture, color, space, balance and unity.

I am fortunate to say I designed florals for over a thousand weddings over the years. I am humbled that my small role brought smiles to a special day.  For me, weddings are tender, sentimental, amorous and poetic. 


Why Sweet Lilacs?

In the language of flowers, purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love. The fragrant lilac blooms announce the arrival of spring; and with the time of their bloom, signals whether spring will be early or late.

The sweet perfumed flowers are short-lived and lasts for only a couple weeks of the year, so enjoy and savor these moments.

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by Raymond A. Foss

Three flowers bloom each day

Falsely fragile Queen Anne’s LaceClump of effervescent Daisies

A singular Black-eyed Susan

Wildflowers all growing in the fields of our hearts

Each her own scent, shape, pose

Craning for light, food, attention

Willingly, lovingly tended by the gardener, the one who sowed the seed.

The story of lilac, according to Greek mythology, begins with a beautiful nymph named Syringa (lilac’s botanical name). Captivated by her beauty, Pan, the god of the forests and fields, chased Syringa through the forest. Frightened by Pan’s affections, Syringa escaped him by turning herself into an aromatic bush – the flower we now refer to as lilac.